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Pre-Retirement Planning

It seems that pensions and retirement planning are rarely out of the media spotlight these days but still the vast majority of people remain unsure of how best to approach their retirement planning and have even less certainty about theĀ  level of income they can expect in retirement.

Our Pre-Retirement Planning Service puts you in control by dealing with the following key issues:

  • Assessing what level of income you will need and when you will need it
  • Establishing the timing and amount of state benefits you are set to receive
  • Securing up to date valuations of any existing pension plans you have - tracing any legacy plans from previous employments
  • Ensuring that your pension schemes are invested in assets with which you feel comfortable
  • Establishing whether we can improve on the performance of your current schemes
  • Identifying what other assets you may have available to supplement your lifestyle in retirement
  • Calculating and explaining how you might make provision for any shortfall

An initial consultation is available at our expense and without obligation